Welcome to Sōji Skincare

Made with love and passion, each product is unique and carefully made by hand. Sōji is an artisan, sustainable natural skincare brand that produces products with care and consideration. Orders are manufactured in small batches and only the finest quality ingredients are sourced. The packaging has been carefully designed to minimize waste but also be visually appealing in your home. Sōji is palm oil and paraben-free and we do not test on animals. If caring about the environment and a luxury experience is important to you, Sōji Skincare will afford you the opportunity to indulge with a clear conscience.


Wake up to the invigorating scent of lemongrass as you cleanse with our Handmade Lemongrass Loofah Soap, voted "Best Soap" at the 2022 Woman & Home Magazine Holy Grail Beauty Awards, surpassing industry giants, heralding a new era of skincare excellence.

Dive into green beauty with our award-winning Moisturizing Face & Body Oil and Squalane & Frankincense Facial Serum, honored by Glamour Magazine Beauty Awards 2023 for "Best Green Beauty Products and Brands." Experience nature's transformative power, curated for radiant, glowing skin.

imageEmbark on luxury with our Moisturizing Face & Body Oil, winner of the 2023 Woman & Home Magazine Holy Grail Beauty Awards for "Best Multi-Use Oil." Feel immediate nourishment and lasting radiance with every application.

Say No to plastic

When designing the unique Sōji soap dishes I realised that I would require some sort of mould. I did a ton of research on what materials to use and after much consideration I decided that I will use concrete mixed with sea shells picked up on the beaches of Cape Town. This way you can always have a bit of Cape Town with you wherever you go, and it makes for a wonderful gift to loved ones. A product with not just a story, but also a purpose. This however, still left me with the dilemma of a silicone or plastic mould. I realised that it was virtually impossible to run a skincare company without using any plastic at all, but one can always try to minimise that amount. Instead of investing in more plastic moulds I decided to use what I had in my home. Empty food containers was a perfect fit, or shall I say, mould.



Bespoke Gift Boxes

and Corporate Gifting

Select your favourite Sōji products to be added to a bespoke gift box, or have us design one for you. No matter the occasion, Sōji Skincare is a luxurious & nature-friendly gift option. Customise it to fit your pocket or company budget. It’s the gift perfect gift you never knew you wanted...